Gebo’s Motorcycle Towing and Transport is dedicated to providing professional and affordable motorcycle towing services within Southern Arizona. Our employees are like minded motorcycle enthusiasts and riders who know how to treat your ride with the same care we treat our own. We completely understand you hope to never have to tow your motorcycle or scooter anywhere, but we are here when the need arises providing you with quality care you and your ride deserve.

When you need a tow or motorcycle storage in Tucson or within Southern Arizona, count on Gebo’s Motorcycle Towing and Transport to be there for you.

We are open 7 days a week.
Call us at: (520) 404-0396

Our Services:

  • Motorcycles Towing – up to two bikes at once or one Trike/MC with Side Car/Spyder
  • ATVs, Side by Sides, Scooters, Dirt Bikes, Electric Scooter/Bike and Golf carts
  • Dealer Inventory Transfers
  • Jump starts and fuel service – Vehicles of any kind
  • Motorcycle Care & Storage
  • Travel Trailers (no 5th wheels)
  • Transport Services – Specialized Transports throughout all of Arizona, Southern California, Las Vegas, and New Mexico.
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • We are open 7 days a week
  • Call (520) 404-0396

Why Gebo’s Motorcycle Towing & Transport?

Trained Professionals

Our employees are all trained professionals who feel that our unique services and specialized tow trucks within this industry are long overdue. We are locally owned and operated and cover Southern Arizona cities surrounding Tucson. We are suited for motorcycles, scooters, and all ATVs. No job is too big or too small.

We are licensed and insured and open 7 days a week.
To request service please call us at (520) 404-0396.

Prioritizing Safety and Efficiency

We have all the tools needed to safely secure and tow your motorcycle, scooter, and ATVs. Our custom designed tow truck is equipped to handle all body styles of motorcycles and scooters and have optimum tie-down points available to ensure a smooth and secure pickup, ride (including passengers), and delivery. We service our equipment regularly to ensure we are operating with top performance gear to efficiently load and unload your ride, thereby, saving you time and money.

Additional Services

If you get stuck on the side of the road, we deliver fuel and provide jump starts for any vehicle types. Give us a call and you will not regret the fast, reliable, and efficient service.

Our prices are very competitive, and you will not be disappointed.

If you require motorcycle storage and maintenance while away on military deployment, ask us about our Military Deployment Motorcycle Care service.

more than just a regular motorcycle towing company

What areas do you tow in Southern Arizona?

Gebo’s Motorcycle Towing and Transport covers a large area including all of Tucson, Vail, Wilcox, Tombstone, Bisbee, Benson, Sierra Vista, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Nogales, Marana, Oro Valley, Red Rock, and much more. Call us at (520) 404-0396 as we may tow more locations than what’s listed here.

Below is a list of all motorcycle towing locations we include within our range, but we may be able to accommodate jobs in other locations, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will let you know asap.

Zip Code City County
85145 Red Rock Pinal
85601 Arivaca Pima
85602 Benson Cochise
85603 Bisbee Cochise
85606 Cochise Cochise
85609 Dragoon Cochise
85611 Elgin Santa Cruz
85613 Fort Huachuca Cochise
85614 Green Valley Pima
85616 Huachuca City Cochise
85619 Mount Lemmon Pima
85621 Nogales Santa Cruz
85622 Green Valley Pima
85624 Patagonia Santa Cruz
85627 Pomerene Cochise
85628 Nogales Santa Cruz
85629 Sahuarita Pima
85630 Saint David Cochise
85635 Sierra Vista Cochise
85636 Sierra Vista Cochise
85637 Sonoita Santa Cruz
85638 Tombstone Cochise
85640 Tumacacori Santa Cruz
85641 Vail Pima
85643 Willcox Graham
85644 Willcox Cochise
85645 Amado Santa Cruz
85646 Tubac Santa Cruz
85648 Rio Rico Santa Cruz
85650 Sierra Vista Cochise
85652 Cortaro Pima
85653 Marana Pima
85654 Rillito Pima
85658 Marana Pinal
85662 Nogales Santa Cruz
85670 Fort Huachuca Cochise
85671 Sierra Vista Cochise
85701 Tucson Pima
85702 Tucson Pima
85703 Tucson Pima
85704 Tucson Pima
85705 Tucson Pima
85706 Tucson Pima
85707 Tucson Pima
85708 Tucson Pima
85709 Tucson Pima
85710 Tucson Pima
85711 Tucson Pima
85712 Tucson Pima
85713 Tucson Pima
85714 Tucson Pima
85715 Tucson Pima
85716 Tucson Pima
85717 Tucson Pima
85718 Tucson Pima
85719 Tucson Pima
85720 Tucson Pima
85721 Tucson Pima
85722 Tucson Pima
85723 Tucson Pima
85724 Tucson Pima
85725 Tucson Pima
85726 Tucson Pima
85728 Tucson Pima
85730 Tucson Pima
85731 Tucson Pima
85732 Tucson Pima
85733 Tucson Pima
85734 Tucson Pima
85735 Tucson Pima
85736 Tucson Pima
85737 Tucson Pima
85738 Catalina Pima
85739 Tucson Pima
85740 Tucson Pima
85741 Tucson Pima
85742 Tucson Pima
85743 Tucson Pima
85744 Tucson Pima
85745 Tucson Pima
85746 Tucson Pima
85747 Tucson Pima
85748 Tucson Pima
85749 Tucson Pima
85750 Tucson Pima
85751 Tucson Pima
85752 Tucson Pima
85754 Tucson Pima
85755 Tucson Pima
85756 Tucson Pima
85757 Tucson Pima
85775 Tucson Pima